Dec 4, 2022

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Memorial site to be set up in Phoenix to mark July 2021 clashes between black and Indian locals

Plans are underway to erect a memorial in Phoenix, which became an epicenter of violent clashes between Blacks and Native Americans during the July 2021 riots in KwaZulu-Natal.

Prime Minister Sihle Zikalala made the announcement on Thursday evening at a social cohesion gala dinner that brought together students, teachers and community members.

He explained how the provincial government had set up a “Vision 2030” plan to take advantage of see sport as a tool to promote social tolerance and social cohesion.

“Social cohesion is promoted through sports and activities that involve both the Inanda and Phoenix communities,” Zikalala said, explaining the Government plans to integrate communities.


“Sport can be used to build confidence, strength and ability. It also builds discipline,” Zikalala said.

The prime minister said committee-led dialogues would also be set up.

He said there was violence “disgrace” for the province and left racist undertones. “

“The province’s image has been tarnished locally, nationally and globally. There has been an erosion of the social and moral strength of the people of the province and setbacks from achievements we had made.”

Despite the challenging time, the provincial government had established a number of contacts with communities across the province .

Sectors consulted included the taxi industry, business community, NGOs and faith-based organizations as they attempted to compensate communities and return them to peaceful coexistence.

Zikalala raised highlighted the joint initiative of the Peace Community, established with the aim of ensuring negotiations and paving the way for activities that marked cooperation -existence of the Amaoti, Inanda and Phoenix communities.

Er called on the public to become ambassadors for a non-racist society.

“This should include how we talk to and talk about each other. It should include a conscious understanding of non-racism in this country,” he said.

Zikalala was accompanied by MEC Kwazi Mshengu, MEC for Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, Ravi Pillay, and Nkosenhle Madlala, Board Member of eThekwini.

Also present was former eThekwini spokeswoman Logie Naidoo, who is also an Ambassador for the Social Cohesion Campaign.

“We have clear examples that show us that we can if united we can eradicate poverty and illiteracy and build a prosperous society,” said Zikalala.

Activities on Thursday began with a visit to the grave of the late ANC President Dr. John Langalibalele Dube.

, said Mshengu The aim of their stance was twofold: to tell him about the program and to commit that as the current generation, they would never allow anything that violated his vision of non-racism and Inclusivity would betray.

The youth then proceeded to games in different sports codes and a debating competition. The department named the sports teams after fighters with ties to the city.

Names included John Dube, Billy Nair, Kenneth Ndlovu, Mahatma Gandhi, Pixley ka Seme, Dorothy Nyembe, Sifiso Nkwanyana, and Griffiths Mxenge.


“We plan to implement and embed this in all of our districts when we reintroduce school physical education in July,” Mshengu said.

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