Nov 28, 2021

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More than 800 teargas canisters and almost 17,000 bullets fired during July riots in Gauteng: Police

Two water cannons were used to disperse the crowds that were raging in Gauteng during the unrest in July, the SA Human Rights Commission heard on Monday.

The commission urged the Gauteng Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Elias Mawela, to on repeating the number when he testified that only two water cannons were used.

“For the whole of Gauteng Province?” He was asked. Mawela replied that the province only had two water cannons. He said that in an ideal world he would like to have 10 water cannons, two for each of the five units in the province.

Mawela testified that 869 tear gas canisters were fired by police in Gauteng, 312 stun grenades were used and 16,971 shotguns were fired by officers during the riots.

“Within the law enforcement police they were adequately equipped with guns and ammunition, but there were times when they ran out of rubber bullets at other police stations, but this didn’t mean that we as a province didn’t have one. The channels that went out could be supported by other channels. ”

The scope of the hearing about the riots that began in Durban last Monday includes apparently racially motivated killings, the lack of law enforcement, the Role of private security companies, targeting retail stores and businesses, and speculation that the riot and looting were staged.

Hearing continues.