Oct 21, 2021

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More than R19m blown on irregular expenditure for incomplete Albertina Sisulu fire station

More than 19 million ren were spent on the construction of the Albertina Sisulu fire station without obtaining the necessary permit, according to an investigation by an external auditor commissioned by Ekurhuleni’s internal audit department.

Disaster von Ekurhuleni and Ambulance Service (Dems) spokesman William Ntladi said the investigation found irregular expenses in excess of R19 million for items that were not part of the original quantity list.

The irregular expenses were Candidate first highlighted by the Mayor of Ekurhuleni, Refiloe Nt’sekhe, who said the cost of completing the station was budgeted at R20m but it swelled to a staggering R60m.

“As with Many other municipal infrastructure projects that I have visited in Ekurhuleni are experiencing delays in this project have serious and detrimental effects on local residents while the costs a Out of control – with little or no explanation. ”

Nt’sekhe said when she visited the sites, it emerged that the fire station remained unfinished despite construction beginning in 2016.

“The completion date for this so-called ‘lighthouse project’ has been postponed again and again. Completion of the station is slated for the second quarter of this municipal budget year, but from what I’ve seen it is unlikely to be completed on time and will undoubtedly be postponed to another date, “she said.

< p> Ntladi said the site was handed over to the original contractor in 2016.

“The Disaster and Rescue Services Department started the tender process to name a new contractor to complete the project in 2019. after the original contractor’s contract was terminated due to irregularities. ”

Ntladi said the department appointed a new contractor in September 2019 after the qualified bidder was approved by Ekurhuleni’s bidding committee.

Ntladi said that the previous contractor received an offer for R32.734.664- excluding VAT, contingencies and escalation for the construction of the Albertina Sisulu Corridor Fire Station.

“According to the new specification, that is Project was increased to R60m to complete this e construction of the new fire station. Taking into account the fact that [according to the investigation by external forensic examiners appointed by Internal Audit] it has been reported that unlawful spending exceeding 19 million amounts without obtaining the required authorization.

” The newly appointed contractor had to issue a new specification of services, which would obviously be more than the original specification, as the price corresponded to the new tariffs and prices of the building materials almost three years after the original offer price. ”

Nt’sekhe claimed the city “pulled its heels” in completing the fire station and Kempton Park Reservoir.


However, Ntladi said the delay did not threaten the residents of Kempton Park. < / p>

“The division is able to counter any threats posed by the fires in the Kempton Park area. He said.