Dec 9, 2022

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Namibian police reject allegations of doing ‘dirty work’ for President Ramaphosa

Namibian police have denied allegations of torturing and kidnapping Imanuwela David and doing “dirty work” for SA President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Inspector General The Namibian Police Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga said in a statement David had been arrested and charged with breaking the law and the matter had followed normal due process to its conclusion.

“ As upholders of the law and We vehemently reject claims in the media that, I quote, “the Namibian police did dirty work for President Ramaphosa”.

“We deny allegations of torture and/or kidnapping of the suspect , Mr. lmanuwela, returned David, and that a joint investigation between the Namibian Police and the SA Police Service is underway.”

Police in that country shared the sequence of events in order to ensure transparency and openness to own.

According to police, on June 12, 2020, David entered Namibia illegally by canoe across the Orange River via an unannounced entry point near Noordoewer/Karas.

On the same day, he was assisted by a police officer identified as Sgt. Hendrick Hidipo Nghede, from the Lüderitz Tourism Protection Branch, and Paulus Alfeus Ngalangi, the acting CEO from FishCor in Lüderitz to get to Windhoek.

“The trio drove to Windhoek in the acting CEO’s BMW XS and arrived after midnight. Mr. Imanuwela David spent the night at Faith City Flats, No. 8 Rocky Crest.”

David was arrested at the 77 Independence Avenue hotel in Windhoek on charges of violating immigration regulations arrested control law.

At the time he was in possession of 300 Namibian dollars (R300), eleven 100 dollar bills (approximately R1,600), a TAG Hauer watch worth of R28,000, a Rolex watch worth R280,000, a gold chain worth R163,000 and four mobile phones.

During the arrest, David tested positive for Covid-19. He was arrested at the Hosea Kutako International Airport Police Station and quarantined.

When David was released from quarantine he was transferred to Noordoewer to appear in court and answer the charges for which he was arrested.

On 13 November 2020, David pleaded guilty in Noordoewer Magistrates Court to entering the country at a place other than a port of entry and failing to declare goods.

He was found guilty and sentenced to pay R5,000 or 12 months in prison on Count 1 and was sentenced to 24 months in prison or 15R on Count 2 .000.

David paid the fine of R20,000 and was released the same day.A 48-hour notice was issued to him by immigration officials to leave the country and he exited Namibia via the Noordoewer Border Post on November 14, 2020.

Police said Ngalangi and Nghede were also arrested and did not explain themselves guilty on charges of violating the Immigration Control Act, aiding and abetting an illegal immigrant and violating sections of the Anti-Corruption Act.

< span>Their matter has been adjourned from June 6 to June 9, 2022 at to be heard before the Noordoewer District Court, but it was again postponed to 15-15 June August 19 postponed.

Police said the two police agencies met on June 19, 2020 on a so-called “no man’s land” near Noordoewer/ Karas to obtain operational information about David and other Namibians Exchange nationals suspected of stealing money in South Africa and fleeing to Namibia.

The meeting decided that the two police agencies should investigate the matter within their jurisdiction.

“Namibian Police are identifying individuals , bank accounts and various properties, including cabins, houses and vehicles believed to have been purchased with proceeds of the crime, and consulted with the Attorney General’s Office to consider a preservation order for the assets.

A protective order was issued and a formal inquiry was made to SA by the Department of Justice to confirm whether the crime was reported in SA.

“However, no response was received from the South African authorities, which resulted in the levy of attachment being lifted and assets released.”

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