Sep 30, 2022

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Nando’s takes a jab at Australian power cuts: We’ve just added load-shedding to our list of exports

SA isn’t the only country grappling with power outages, and fast-food chain Nando’s is laughing it off.

Australia’s 9News reported that the country’s energy supplier has been under pressure as the Energy demand exceeded supply.

Millions of people on Australia’s east coast were threatened with power outages in a “Level 3 ‘Lack of Reserve’ Alert” on Monday.< /span>

< span>“There is literally no spare capacity in the Queensland region, there is just enough supply to meet demand, but it cannot handle any further outages or contingencies,” said Danny Frontier Economics’ Price to 9News.

While Eskom issued its own warning of a possible load shedding, Nando’s cast serious shadows.

In one post, Nando’s joked that load shedding was a proud SA export.

“We’re having load shedding to un Added to our export list. Washa!

Eskom Tuesday said its system is limited and warned it may implement load shedding.

“Eskom is warning the public that the power system will be very limited tonight [Tuesday] and for the next few days due to continued tight generation capacity. Should there be further significant outages, short term load shedding may be required, most likely in the 5pm to 10pm peak period.”

Nando’s post went viral and many joined in.


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