Oct 21, 2021

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Nearly R100m waiting to be claimed by three jackpot winners

Almost R100m are waiting to be claimed by three players who have bought jackpot tickets in the Powerball and Powerball Plus drawings.

The lottery operator Ithuba has asked the three to sign up and their millions.

Friday’s PowerBall jackpot, valued at more than R85 ​​million, was purchased on the day of the draw via the Absa Banking app by someone who had spent R75 on the winning ticket by she used the quick pick method to select the winning combination from 8, 10, 17, 26, 39 and PowerBall number 14.

“The PowerBall Plus jackpot from the Tuesday September 14th drawing was over R11 million also won by two lucky players. Both PowerBall Plus tickets were purchased at the Flip-Flop supermarket in Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, “Ithuba said in a statement on Tuesday.

” The first winner gave out R240 for the winning ticket by playing the manual selection method and that of the second winner spent R150 and also opted for the manual selection method to select the winning numbers 8, 13, 26, 36, 43 and PowerBall number 5.

Charmaine Mabuza, CEO from Ituba, congratulated the winners.

“We urge all players to check their PowerBall tickets. Winners of R50,000 and above must go to their nearest Ithuba office to process their winnings.

“Our Winners Service Department is ready to receive the winners. The first step is to validate the winning ticket and offer the winner free trauma and financial advice to help the winner with their financial planning, as we do with all winners over 50,000 ren, “said Mabuza.

Players who use bank channels to play the lottery will receive winnings under R 49,999 paid directly to the bank account they were playing from within 72 working hours (excluding weekends).

Winners with a win of more than 50,000 R will be notified by the bank by SMS and contacted by phone to inform them of the prize and to forward them to the nearest Ithuba branch to process the prize claim.