Jun 26, 2022

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Nedbank manager loses job after signing her own R28,000 expense claims

A Nedbank executive who approved her own expense reports lost her job after the bank appealed to the labor court.

Narriman Greenway, who was employed as a financial planning manager, took after her in 2019 discharged and convicted of gross misconduct of dishonesty.

Between April 2018 and March 2019, Greenway approved 11 expense reports worth more than R28,000 submitted on behalf of their regional assistant, Nikki Booth.

A commissioner presiding over an arbitration hearing found her dismissal to be procedurally fair but materially unfair. Greenway was reinstated with no additional payment. Nedbank submitted the decision to the Labor Court for review and overturning.

The court overturned the commissioner’s decision this month. According to her judgment, Greenway framed the claims so that she could approve them in place of her boss.

Greenway and Nedbank agreed at the arbitration hearing that, although “the claims were filed in the name of Ms. Booth became, they [ Greenways ] allegations. [Greenway] held an interview with Ms. Booth to file claims under her (Ms. Booth’s) own name.

“Ms. Booth was [Greenway’s] regional assistant and could file claims on [Greenway’s] behalf . When submitting claims, an authorized claimant was required to certify whether the expenses belonged to him or her or someone else.”

Judge Hilary Rabkin-Naicker said the commissioner ordered Greenway’s reinstatement, “despite finding that [she] lied to an arbitration under oath and showed no remorse, the employer’s evidence regarding the breach of trust and his admission that her seniority could not serve as an extenuating circumstance.”

The Verdict It added: “By ordering reinstatement (albeit without additional payment), the Commissioner, under all the facts and circumstances of the evidence presented to him, has made a decision that a reasonable decision maker could not make. On the premises is his award for review.

“Narriman Greenway’s dismissal was fair in process and substance.”

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