Nov 28, 2021

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New crime stats show SA remains ‘a very violent country’

According to the latest crime statistics, the murder rate of SA has only decreased in the Western Cape in the last few months.

At the latest meeting of the crime statistics on Friday, Police Minister Bheki Cele said this was because the province was given priority and most of the resources had been delegated to the area. This is proof that the police won the fight to reduce crime there.

But, he added, “the statistics show once again that SA is a very violent country,” under Appealing to high murder rates. Reasons for assault, rape and robbery.

The latest figures are for July through September. During this time, the country recorded 5,876 murders. Of these, 1,334 occurred in the homes of the victims, while 2,424 people were killed in public places and 444 in taverns, nightclubs and shebeens. Fifteen people were murdered on farms, land or smallholders.

“That means liquor stores are the third most common place to kill,” said Cele.

< p> “Overall, the number of contact crime increased 1% from the previous three month period, but it is a 10% decrease from the numbers we saw before the lockdown.”

KwaZulu-Natal was at highest rated in number of murders, followed by the Western Cape.

He said alcohol and domestic violence were involved in most rape cases, and Lusikisiki and Inanda remained the areas with the highest number of rape cases reported.

“With nearly 10,000 people brutalized and sexually abused in just three months, that’s not a good thing. Often times, this is done by people who the victims know and trust, and happens within their own four walls. ”

Cele said it was encouraging that victims and survivors had access to rape kits as the Police have managed to keep all police stations equipped with rape kits and desks for gender-based violence (GBV) have been introduced. So far 134 have been in operation and the goal was to have one at each station.

He said 2,000 kidnappings were reported in the country between July and September, most of them related to kidnappings, robbery or rape.

“Out of a sample of 658 cases, 52 were ransom demands. Most of them happened in Gauteng and seven of them were human trafficking, “said Cele.

” The crime picture is not ideal, but these figures show that things are improving in the areas where crime was highest . We have responded and deployed our people where they are most needed. “

He said the South Africans had been assured that the number of home robberies had decreased.

” We will continue to do more, and we must. More is being done to keep South Africans safe. “