Jan 31, 2023

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New Somerset Hospital ‘shooter’ back in court, evidence still being gathered

A former police officer accused of fatally shooting three people, including a police officer, at New Somerset Hospital made a virtual appearance before Cape Town Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Jean-Paul Carl Malgas, 39, from Vredenburg on the west coast, faces triple murder, illegal possession of a firearm, ammunition and robbery. Appearing earlier in May, he told the court he was suffering from depression and was suicidal.

However, on Thursday he told the court his health was improving with the treatment.

Allegedly disarmed Malgas and shot 32-year-old Const Donay Phillips in the head in hospital in May. He then allegedly shot two patients who died at the scene.

Attorney Adenaan Gelderbloem told the court Thursday that DNA reports, a primary residue report, two autopsy reports (the state has received one so far), Witnesses are statements, ballistic reports and an identity check are still pending.

“The accused informed the court that his state of health improved during the treatment. His attorney asked that he be present in person at the next court appearance as he needed to consult with his client,” said National Public Prosecutor’s Office (NPA) spokesman Eric Ntabazalila.

“Previously, Malgas told the court informed that he was not requesting bail. He has not indicated that he will change that position, but if he does, the state will deny his request for bail.”

Nurse Diane Seale, a nurse at the hospital, was commended for helping her Shooting then calmed the situation down by hugging Malgas and chatting with him until he agreed to be sedated.

“I walked up to him and hugged him,” she told TimesLIVE.

“Finally, he agreed to a reassurance. Meanwhile, I sat with him and stroked his forehead until he was sedated. At that point, I was able to call the [police] tactical team to subdue him.

“When I walked out, everyone was there. My team was there and safe. It gave me the encouragement I needed to keep going.”

The Parliament’s Business Area Committee on Health has called for “vigorous efforts and discussion” to address the problem of police officers entering hospitals with firearms.

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