Dec 5, 2022

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NGOs tell Motsoaledi to apologise to Helen Suzman Foundation

Six non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have investigated the attack by Interior Minister Dr. Aaron Motsoaledi sentenced to the Helen Suzman Foundation.

In a statement released Thursday, they called on Motsoaledi to retract his statement and apologize to the NGO.

The organizations are Freedom Under Law, Defend Our Democracy Campaign, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Section27, Socio-Economic Rights Institute and Corruption Watch.

Motsoaledi issued a statement Tuesday following the HSF’s court filing challenging the minister’s decision that not to extend exemptions granted to Zimbabwean nationals beyond December this year.

The cancellation of this 13-year exemption is likely to disrupt the lives of thousands of Zimbabweans legally residing in South Africa.

The HSF estimates that up to 178,000 Zimbabwean nationals with exemptions will be affected by the decision.

In his statement, Motsoaledi said the If this is the case, there is a worrying and growing trend for some NGOs to sabotage the government’s polycentric and policy-heavy decisions through the use of courts.

He said this development must be nipped in the bud as soon as possible .

“SA is now under the dictatorship of a few NGOs, some of which have faceless and dubious backers. Their ultimate goal is to use any means available to help oust the then government from power.”

In their statement, the NGOs said three characteristics set SA apart from many other fledgling democracies: Respect for the rule of law, a vibrant civil society and a fearless judiciary.

“This week we saw a blatant case of abuse of all these characteristics by the executive branch.

“Home Secretary Aaron Motsoaledi , saw fit to lend his name to an attack on civil society organizations – all because a reputable NGO dared to make a ministerial decision on judicial review.”

The organizations said without a trace Justification, Motsoaledi released the most egregious public statement in which he slandered the HSF, questioned its integrity and patriotism and accused it of racism and treason homage.

You said that in this trial Motsoaledi baselessly slandered the NGO community as a whole.


“The HSF case is not that Zimbabweans are entitled to be here stay. All it claims is that there was no proper consultation with interested parties prior to this radical decision.”

The organizations said the minister’s threats and insults were ominous, but unfortunately not unprecedented.

< p >“The apartheid regime has shut down or pushed into oblivion countless law-abiding civil society organizations, religious organizations and human rights NGOs. We don’t have to relive those days.”