Oct 19, 2021

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No other person could have killed Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu’s relatives but her, says the state

The state has highlighted that the modus operandi of homicide accused Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu was similar in several cases in which she lost loved ones in brutal circumstances.

Closing speeches at the Johannesburg High Court in Palm Ridge, Prosecutor Riana Williams said the pattern observed was that the Thembisa-based former policewoman appeared to be the last person to see her relatives alive, or was the first to notice they were missing and report it before going were found dead.

Every time there was grief in the family, they pocketed money from life and funeral claims.


Witness of Madala Homu

In the case of her cousin Witness Madala Homu Ndlovu should encourage Homu’s mother have to add him to a funeral home and said this was because they are worried about his ver keep doing. Homu’s mother pledged, and months later he was found dead.

He was killed on his way back from work in March 2012. He had been hit over the head with a blunt object.

The court heard Ndlovu lead a search for Homu in police stations in the area, which eventually led his immediate family to his body, which took several hours had previously been found by Olifantsfontein police.

Ndlovu had insured him for more than R100,000 but allegedly only contributed about R200 to his funeral when the family said they lacked the money for meat .

Audrey Somisa Ndlovu

With her sister Audrey Somisa Ndlovu, who was found dead in June 2013, Ndlovu was apparently the last person she saw alive the day before her body was found. The sisters had eaten together in Audrey’s rented room in Thembisa. She was also the first to sound the alarm that Audrey was missing after claiming she was having trouble finding her on the phone.

According to neighbors who were at the scene when Audrey’s body was found , they stressed how Ndlovu had started to mourn prematurely, crying and calling her relatives to say that the missing Audrey was dead. Ndlovu took in more than R700,000 in life and funeral contracts in Audrey’s name.

Maurice Mabasa

In the case of her lover Maurice Mabasa, who died today before six Years ago, Ndlovu went to the Olifantsfontein Police Station the morning after he did not come home to report him missing.

The police who looked after her at the police station testified as she had put her hands on her head and cried, declaring that “they murdered her husband”. At this point, the police had not confirmed or told her that the body they had found in Olifantsfontein was probably Mabasa’s, which again showed how she had mourned him prematurely, the state said.

< The court had also heard evidence from Maurice's brother Justice and her landlord and friend Percival Maluleke that Mabasa did not come home, especially during turbulent times. Instead, Ndlovu called her and asked her to find him for her. She did it differently this time.

After his death, she pocketed more than 500,000 Ren – about 400,000 R were in the form of policy payouts and just over 100,000 R were from Mabasa’s employer, the US Embassy. < / span>

Zanele Motha

It was the same with her niece Zanele Motha, who died in June 2016. Motha was visiting her for a few weeks when she was attacked in Kempton Park. She was first treated at Tembisa Hospital. They released her, saying her injuries were superficial.

Ndlovu took her home to be taken to Arwyp Medical Center the next day, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. She had sustained internal injuries and broken ribs.

Ndlovu was again the last person she had seen alive and pocketed nearly 120,000 rand in policies.

Mayeni Mashaba

Mayeni Mashaba


Motha’s brother Mayeni Mashaba died in April 2017. He had met Ndlovu the day before his death. His body was found in Olifantsfontein after Ndlovu claimed he had taken him and dropped him off in a garage off R21 when he claimed he was on his way to Pretoria.

As the police found his body, found it called the last number on his call log, which happened to be Ndlovus.

One officer testified how they called her to come to the crime scene and identify the body – one Claim which she emphatically denies. Instead, she claimed to have found out that Mashaba was missing from his family in Daveyton.

Although she had opened policies on his behalf, she did not claim them – allegedly because she had him on at least one of the policies Listed as a spouse but not presented the necessary documentation to prove it.

Brilliant Mashego

About Brilliant Mashego – her nephew – the Audreys. was son, Ndlovu is said to have been the last person to see him alive.

He died in January 2018 and his cell phone recordings showed that he was traveling all the way from Johannesburg to Bushbuckridge with Ndlovu that afternoon and night before his body was found.

However, Ndlovu had failed to inform her immediate family that she had seen Mashego before his death.

She had also taken out insurance policies on his behalf . She had Mashego listed as her son in at least one of them, which meant the insurance company needed proof of this before paying out. She received no money after his death.

The state claimed Ndlovu always urged to make sure the bodies were found quickly so she could file her claims quickly to receive the payouts.

The state argued that all but one of the 52 witnesses gave information that was “credible, reliable and mutually confirming”.

The only witness criticized by the state was Lakhiwe Mkhize, an alleged hitman who was allegedly approached by Ndlovu to help her kill her sister Joyce and Joyce’s five children. They were supposed to be burned alive in their Bushbuckridge home.

When he testified, Mkhize denied having traveled to Phomolong, Thembisa with Ndlovu, another would-be killer, Njabulo Kunene, and his sister Cebisile, where Ndlovu was supposed to show them the house of her sister Gladys.

According to Mkhize, she allegedly wanted Mkhize and Kunene to kill Gladys and paid them a deposit of R800 for the act.

“The only one The flaw I want to admit is that Lakhiwe says he did not go to Phomolong with them on December 17, 2017, but the defendants Cebisile and Njabulo testified, “said Williams.

” That Gladys did not testify either, is irrelevant. But the important thing is that there was an agreement to [kill her], “Williams said.

Williams closed her case, saying,” The only conclusion here is that the accused is the sole perpetrator of these crimes was and should be found guilty. “

Before hearing the defense arguments, Judge Ramarumo Monama said,” If you were not in court you would think this was a book by Sherlock Holmes. “

Defense attorney Vincent Soko said Ndlovu insured her family members “from the heart”.

This has been questioned by Monama, who said witnesses testified that she was understaffed when it came to help with the funerals. She did not contribute anything to the funerals for some of her alleged victims.

Soko filed his closing arguments, asking the court to declare his client not guilty, saying that any evidence they had are only circumstantial.

The verdict is expected to be announced on October 22nd.