Feb 4, 2023

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‘No PJs or night gowns allowed’ — ‘Spar poster’ causes a stir

Grocery chain Spar has been trending on Twitter after circulating a poster on the platform urging customers not to shop in their pyjamas.

The Spar branded poster reads: “Dear customers. Pajamas or nightgowns are not allowed.”

It is unclear where and when the poster was placed.

Attempts to obtain comment from Spar were blocked at the time of the Publication of this article unsuccessful. Any comment will be recorded as soon as it is received.

After a similar “announcement” went viral in 2016, the group shared< span> The EWN policy does not dictate what customers can and cannot wear.

“In terms of group policy, when shopping at a Spar supermarket, you can wear what You want to. We will never, within the bounds of decency, dictate what you can and cannot wear. And each of our stores would be different. If you were a Durban beachfront retailer, it would be acceptable for someone to come in bathing suits and slops.”

The latest poster has received mixed reactions from users who have been discussing in shopping for bathing suits nightgown.

Some said it was inappropriate and unhygienic to visit a store in nightwear, while others said that shops had no authority to dictate how people dress.