Oct 3, 2022

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NPA, SA Revenue Service enhance collaboration on criminal cases

The National Law Enforcement Agency (NPA) and the South African Tax Administration (Sars) made a commitment on Friday to increase their cooperation on criminal matters.

The commitment was made when the National Chief Prosecutor, Shamila Batohi and the NPA’s leadership team met Sars officer Edward Kieswetter and his leadership team at NPA headquarters on Friday.

“The NPA and Sars have a well-established working relationship, and the purpose of the meeting was to provide Ensure we align at a strategic and operational level to make effective progress on criminal tax issues that impact our economy,” said NPA spokesman Mthunzi Mhaga.

He said the NPA and Sars has committed to specialized and collaborative approaches to these matters, including the investigative model involving prosecutors.

He said the complex nature of these Crime requires a holistic, well-coordinated and sustained response involving a range of actors.

“Specialized prosecutors from the NPA Control Unit and SARS criminal investigators will work together on investigations from an early stage and unify take a strategic case management approach. Cooperation between the NPA’s Asset Forfeiture Unit and Directorate of Investigation and Sars will also be enhanced.”

Earlier this month, the NPA and Eskom agreed to strengthen existing cooperation to provide the most effective coordinated responses to severe crimes, including those initiated by the state’s arrest commission.

Working with Eskom will include enhanced information sharing and high-level and operational coordination while preserving the independence and mandate of the NPA.


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