Jan 31, 2023

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NSPCA to bring animal cruelty charges against Pietermaritzburg dog breeder

The National Council of Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) was scheduled to file criminal charges against a Pietermaritzburg dog breeder on Monday for cruelty to animals.

The animal rights group said: “Shocking” violations of the Animal Welfare Act would occur will come to light when the man appears in court.

Principal Inspector Nazareth Appalsamy said the NSPCA tried to deal reasonably with the man by warning him of the violations at the initial inspection.< /p>

“During the follow-up inspection, the NSPCA again determined that he clearly broke the law. The owner gave away only two of his dogs who were clearly and severely suffering from the stress associated with being locked in a cage indefinitely. A qualified veterinarian was present at this inspection.”

Appalsamy said NSPCA personnel who were granted access to the property saw the animals being kept and could not rest knowing what the animals were doing went through.

“As winter approaches, there is even greater concern for these animals, who do not deserve to be treated so inhumanely. The NSPCA will institute an animal cruelty case against the dog breeder and we will continue to do everything in our power to hold him accountable for the atrocities he committed against the animals. We are confident that once the courts know what he has done, they will exercise appropriate justice,” he said.

The NSPCA said that with each passing year, more light is being shed on atrocities in the farming industry that are often kept hidden from breeders.

“Glossy advertisements for cute puppies on platforms like Gumtree or JunkMail easily throw sand in the eyes of the public and blind them to the conditions in which the parent dogs are kept and where the puppies were born. Typically, dogs used in the breeding industry will never chase a ball in the park, they will never be taken for a walk, and they will never curl up on a couch next to a loving family member.

“These dogs are deprived of the very thing they have evolved to seek from humans—companion. Instead, the dogs are treated “at best” like breeding machines, forced to produce litter after litter non-stop. worst case? Their life will be hell on earth – forced to eat, sleep and live in cages covered in faeces and urine, without veterinary treatment, chained and caged indefinitely and denied all that Making a dog’s life worth living said the council.

Appalsamy said while the breeding industry in South Africa remained unregulated, members of the SPCA movement were entitled to carry out inspections of any place where animals were kept.

“Often the conditions under which animals are kept in breeding facilities are unacceptable and multiple laws have been violated.”


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