Feb 7, 2023

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Office of chief justice reviews all supply chain processes after R225m IT tender revelation

The Office of the Chief Justice (OCJ) said on Friday that an internal review of all supply chain management processes is expected to be completed within the next three months.

It had decided to take the step following the disclosure, that a company owned by former OCJ officials was appointed as a subcontractor in a R225 million IT contract awarded by the OCJ.

The Sunday Times reported over the weekend that three senior officials have been accused of fraud they have corruptly adjusted to a large part of the contract after helping close the deal.

The three – former CFO Casper Coetzer, former spokesman and chief director of court administration Nathi Mncube and the former Head of Case Management Yvonne van Niekerk – all resigned last month and completed their last day of work on May 31st.

The next day they started new jobs as local par tner of multinational media and technology company Thomson Reuters, which was awarded the R225m, six-year contract from the OCJ.

“This is to ensure that ways are found to improve the technical capabilities of the OCJ to accommodate the to further strengthen internal controls in the area of ​​SCM [supply chain management],” the OCJ said in a statement on Friday.

In addition, the office conducts a review of active contracts for inappropriateness, particularly in the information and communication technology area .

“The OCJ takes seriously its fiduciary duty to manage and protect entrusted government resources to this end.

“To this end, the OCJ has a responsibility to ensure that when in suspected or actual misconduct is identified in a procurement process, that misconduct is readily identified and the OCJ attempts to do so Legal Counsel

The OCJ said it was taking a prudent approach to publishing specific details about its ongoing review of contracts , so as not to jeopardize any future legal action or investigation that may result.

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