Jun 26, 2022

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Office of the chief justice to launch an aspirant women judges programme

The Chief Justice’s Office will launch a program for aspiring female judges in 2022.

According to the Office, the program is part of the SA Judicial Education Institute’s (SAJEI) 10th anniversary celebration. The program aims to empower would-be female judges and improve their chances of being appointed to the judges’ college.

“As part of the celebrations for the 10th, a virtual female judge candidate program in the course of 2022. The purpose of the training is to train prospective female judges Provide entry-level training and education to judicial officers to improve eligibility for judicial appointment, “the office said Thursday.

The SAJEI council has a training committee” to develop, monitor and execute of the program ”, which consists of nine members. The committee is jointly chaired by the President of the North West Supreme Court, Mashangu Leeuw, and former Deputy President of the Gauteng Supreme Court, Phineas Mojapelo.

“The program is expected to run in fiscal year 2022/23 . “Said the office.

” The program will consist of virtual and hands-on training. After the initial formal training, which focuses on writing judgments, the court participants are placed under mentoring. ”