Oct 3, 2022

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Operation Dudula demands jobs for unemployed youth

Operation Dudula has appealed to the government to tackle high youth unemployment.

The group was in KwaZulu-Natal on Monday to raise awareness of the plight of unemployed youth and to assess the impact of the floods , which wreaked havoc in parts of the province a month ago.

Operation Dudula featured a group of young people who volunteered to help affected communities and rebuild the province, despite allegedly missing out were employed when employment opportunities arose.

< p>“All construction and construction industry professionals who are here are volunteering their services to the government and communities to help rebuild KZN, regardless of the fact that most of them are isolated and overlooked in terms of job opportunities,” said Vice-Chairman Dan Radebe.

Secretary-General Zandile Dabula said when If the government engages volunteers, this would eliminate the unfair hiring system and ensure that job opportunities are shared among qualified South Africans equally.

“Non-South Africans sit with these jobs and make money from our own government. The youth are here to support the government, so we cannot say that there will be a tender that will be awarded to an architect or urban planner because these services are provided voluntarily,” Dabula said.

Radebe claimed occupations such as teaching and nursing prioritized the employment of foreign nationals over skilled locals.

The KwaZulu-Natal floods mostly hit South Africans, while foreign nationals living in hijacked buildings in the province were unaffected , he said.

He called on the government to evict foreigners illegally occupying buildings and house locals living in inhumane conditions in informal settlements.

“The communes have the right to expropriate these buildings and convert them into RDP units. Remove people from river banks and put our people there. If these aliens have hijacked buildings, remove them and prioritize our people. We didn’t have to lose more than 390 people while giving up buildings in Durban,” Radebe said.

The group said it will not stop protesting youth unemployment until there is a government response .

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