Feb 9, 2023

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Operation Dudula now targeting ‘both legal and illegal immigrants’

Operation Dudula is no longer just targeting illegal immigrants.

Documented migrants doing menial labor in South Africa are not spared. The movement’s national secretary, Zandile Dubula, revealed this at the opening of its Western Cape branch in Cape Town on Saturday.

“Dudula is against illegal immigrants,” said Dubula. span>

“But now we understand that Ministers have said that the local shops are for South Africans only. The other thing is that even if you are legal in the country you don’t have rare skills then you can’t work. Now it’s illegal and legal immigrants. If you’re legal here, you shouldn’t be working in a restaurant. Working in a restaurant doesn’t require any special skills.”

Dubula said the movement has a lot of support in the province.

“To be honest, I think SA as a whole isGatvolof these foreigners’ affairs. I know that in the colored places they sent requests for Operation Dudula to be done because they are also sick and tired,” said Dubula.

“There are only few white business owners here in Cape Town’s CBD who are demanding that Operation Dudula must come because these foreigners have taken over their businesses.” Dubula said she hopes the movement, as it grows, will rid the province of deadly blackmail rackets, charging protection fees from foreigners doing business in townships.

“We’re in the CBD because we’re trying to cover other locations too. The Western Cape will spawn more branches. They will give birth to Khayelitsha, they will give birth to Gugulethu because that is where most of these activities take place.”

Dubula denied that the movement was xenophobic. She said it would only force the government to apply immigration laws.

“If you follow Operation Dudula, you will find that we have never attacked anyone. We are attacking our government,” she said.

“We want to negotiate with our government to implement these laws. [This] will not turn into violence. [The ball] is now in the hands of the government. If they [the government] cooperate, there will be no violence. We are trying to contain the peace here in ZA. But where people do it alone, there is violence. We start all over SA and close all corners of SA. Something will happen one day.”

She also denied that the movement was only aimed at African immigrants.

“That we are also aiming at chinese too. We’re not targeting any particular race,” she said.

Reagan Allen, the province’s MEC for community safety and policing, noted the launch of Operation Dudula in the province.

“There have been many reports on how this organization works. We strongly believe that as with all businesses and organizations, it is important that it operates within the law,” Allen said.

“It is vital to have a vibrant society that participates in our democratic processes, but the law should always be obeyed and when an organization does not operate within the law , decisive action will be taken.”

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