Feb 9, 2023

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Orania aims for ‘energy independence’

Orania, the only white city in the Northern Cape, plans to take its independence to the next level by generating its own electricity 24/7.

The city’s 900kW solar array provides residents with electricity during the day.

Orania Development Company CEO Frans de Klerk said the plant is owned by the municipality, which sells electricity to residents at the same price as Eskom.

The capital generated The tariff would be used to purchase storage space to make Orania independent from Eskom.

“That should be the goal of every community in South Africa,” said De Klerk.

Riaan Jacobs, who is involved in the planning, design and project management of the first phase, told TimesLIVE that the power will be distributed over the local grid to homes, businesses and other services.

“We are in the planning process of storing and expanding the ore tion. As the development and ownership of the complex is community based, the first benefit to residents is ownership. First of all, the profit from the first phase is used to finance the next phases of the renewable energy project and not necessarily money in your pocket. Our focus is first on independent, reliable power supply and then on savings,” he said.

The cumulative amount of electricity from the first phase is enough for about 200 homes.

< p>Jacobs said, with others For cities to follow in Orania’s footsteps, it would take strong political will from leadership and “stabilizing a city’s finances, as the costs of such projects are quite high”.

“There are many third-party and private investors who would fund and build solar and other generation and storage options, but this needs to be carefully considered lest the city become another price taker.”

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