Nov 29, 2022

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Parents demand removal of ‘drunk’ teachers at JG Zuma High School

Angry parents and school officials (SGB) rallied outside the gates of JG Zuma High School in Ntuzuma, north of Durban, on Tuesday to demand the removal of two teachers.

Supposed parents a 12th grade geography teachers and a physics teacher who is responsible for teaching 11th and 12th graders have been known to attend school drunk, an affair they claim to date back to 2017.

Bonga Ngwane, 45, whose two children who attend the school said the level of education has dropped significantly due to the poor quality of teachers.

“Since 2017, these two Teachers identified significant alcohol problems. They come to school drunk – and if they’re not drunk, they’re not teaching “properly”. This has had an impact on the students, as the pass rate in those two subjects was much higher before 2017 than it was since they arrived,” he said.

Ngwane claimed the teachers were not fired or been suspended several times.

“After all due process, the department is unsuccessful in removing these two teachers.

“The deputy department head came here to address our concerns this morning. We are calling for the removal of these teachers and the hiring of two substitute teachers to allow our children to continue learning as exams are upon us.”

SGB Chair Wonderboy Caluza said the teachers’ alleged actions showed that this was not the case. Respect the education system.

“SA has been through a lot. It’s been one hell of a fight and for them to undermine the education of a black child like this who is coming to school drunk as of 2017 is an embarrassment to the country and our children.

“As parents, we can do this don’t sit and cross our arms. We have to get up and we are doing that,” Caluza said.

Department spokesman Muzi Mahlambi said they were aware of the matter and would look into it.

The school is after the former Named President Jacob Zuma. It was built in 1997 in the Besters area of ​​KwaMashu and was formerly called the Ekuthuleni Combined School. It was later split into a high school and an elementary school.


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