Dec 4, 2022

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Parliament told historical fabric destroyed in parliament fire cannot be restored as Hawks finalise probe

The Hawks’ national leader, Lieutenant General Godfrey Lebeya, said that once the outstanding inquiries into the Cape Town Parliament fire earlier this year were received, the case would be referred to the Cape Town High Court for trial.

< p>The Paliament Joint Standing Committee on Financial Management, the SA Police Service, the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure and the SA Authority for Cultural Heritage have been informed of the progress made regarding the investigation into the fire of January 2nd and the restoration project were achieved.

Lebeya said the pending investigations include the SAPS fire investigator’s final fire investigation report and his photo album, the cyber expert’s final report on the video downloads in Parliament, and the department’s final damage report of Public Works and Infrastructure.

“Information about Mr. [Zandile] Mafes Since e of the story have been received and will be part of the evidence in court. Another commissioned officer, not affiliated with DPCI, also produced a confession that will be the subject of evidence in court. More than 30 hours of video footage, which will speak for itself, will also be part of the evidence,” he said.

Mafe was arrested in connection with the Parliament torching.

Major General Dawie Rabie said that an action plan is being finalized in relation to the identified internal deficiencies.

“The internal investigation into the compliance of the administrative, procedural and regulatory requirements, roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders of SAPS by the Protection Department and security services was completed on February 28. The disciplinary inquiries have been completed and hearings of the three members of the Protection and Security Service (PPS) are ongoing,” he said.

Lieutenant General Samson Shitlabane said the three members would be charged with dereliction of duty.< /span>

Rabie said the investigation into the security breach at Tuynhuis has been completed.

He said three main NDPWI projects are currently underway, including These include the maintenance contract for up-to-date security systems, an upgraded perimeter barrier and five improved entrances in the Parliamentary District, as well as new main security control rooms/surveillance cameras.

The National Treasury has given NDPWI permission to proceed with the projects.

< p>Christo Beukes, the program manager working for Coega Development Corporation, which was hired by the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure, to assess the fire damage and develop a renovation plan, said a preliminary report was issued on February 23, but was incomplete due to water problems in the New Assembly basement.

He said the assessment was after the water abstraction on Completed April 7th and revised report issued April 14th.

“No significant changes from the preliminary report with unchanged pronouncements and recommendations. Report under final review with comments made and final Report Revision #2 issued May 5 and awaiting signoff,” he said.

Beukes said CDC teams will complete all physical exams after Easter weekend however, had to return for follow-up assessments in specific disciplines (heritage, electrical and mechanical services).

The Phase 2 CDC report would provide indicative timelines for the design and construction phases for the restoration/refurbishment work for each Buildings.

He said the duration would depend on the full extent of the construction work required, construction methods and complexities, and implementation processes for the restoration work for the earliest start of construction of the damaged buildings, subject to parliamentary approval .

Ben Mwasinga, department manager for the built environment at the SA Heritage Resources Agency, said the fire caused devastating A Impact on SA national property.

“Apart from the poli Due to their historic history, the buildings have an exceptional architectural design comparable to the Union Buildings in Pretoria. The structural damage to the buildings is extensive as the entire roof of the old congregation was destroyed and the wooden beams supporting the structure of the new congregation were badly damaged,” he said.

Mwasinga said the Material loss of the destroyed historical fabric cannot be replaced despite restoration efforts.

He said SAHRA recommends that the National Department of Public Works appoint a suitably qualified heritage consultant to assess the impact of the proposed measures during of the restoration process, as well as liaising with SAHRA and making their requests for SHRIS.

“SAHRA also recommends that a heritage assessment be carried out as soon as possible to determine which actions will have the least impact on the heritage Remaining historical structures would have to inform Parliament which parts of the building can still be saved, and to advise on possible measures to keep the remaining significant material on site,” he said.

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