Dec 7, 2022

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Parliament will do everything in its power to ensure farm workers benefit from democracy

Lidelwa Dunjwa, Head of the Employment Committee’s Parliamentary Joint Delegation for Employment and Labor and Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Reform, says the agricultural sector stands out for all the wrong reasons. span>

The committee conducts oversight “to hear and respond to the cries of farmhands”.

< span>“We must right this wrong if we are to bring human dignity to this vulnerable segment of our population and labor market. This nationwide oversight process, now conducted in six provinces, seeks to unveil the yoke of servitude operating under the guise of secrecy on farms, and the departments and agencies charged with the task of relieving the plight of farm workers alleviating, urging collective action and well-coordinated efforts to end their misery,” she said.

“To achieve this, however, we must be bold enough to acknowledge the inefficiency of policies and laws where they exist without ambiguity. ”

Dunjwa added that the continued subjugation of farm workers to unlawful behavior was an indictment of SA’s fundamental rights and promise of a better life for all.

She said the oversight process aims to make farmers aware of their responsibilities under the Industrial Relations Act.

“If we finally find that there are any weaknesses in the existing policies and laws governing labor relations, we will address them to improve the working and living conditions of rural workers and < /span>

Parliamentarians will do everything legally possible to ensure that farm workers receive the achievement

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