Sep 20, 2021

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Parys farm killings: Farmer offers compensation to victims’ families

One in five farmers in Parys awaiting conviction in connection with the death of two farm workers has offered each family compensation of R 20,000.

This came about when Judge Corne van Zyl The defenders’ submissions were checked this week.

Gert van der Westhuizen and his neighbor Anton Logberg, Lodewikus van der Westhuizen, Cornelius Logberg and Miela Jansen van Vuuren were found guilty of bodily harm with intent last year.

The brutal beatings of Simon Tjixa and Simon Jubeba in January 2016 by a large group of farmers and the subsequent transport in a police car over a bumpy road to the hospital were immortalized in the book These are not gentle People by BBC journalist Andrew Harding.

They were accused of attacking the Patriarch of Van der Westhuizen, the late Loedie van der Westhuizen, and a message broke out Not broadcast from “Farm attack” with neighbors chasing the two men. An alternate narrative sketched in the book was that Jubeba went to the farm to try and get wages he believed owed him. The couple later died in hospital days apart.

During the presentation of the prejudice reports on Thursday, the defense told the Parys court that Van der Westhuizen senior had offered to award R20,000 to each of them pay family on behalf of all the defendants.

The judge adjourned the case on Friday, saying she wanted clarity on this motion as the Legal Department cited a section in the Criminal Procedure Act that was responsible for loss of property or malicious Intent is theft damage or even theft.

“Why do I have to be accused of paying compensation?” the judge asked the defense.

In response, the defense said this was a friendly gesture from him, as he was in a better financial position than the others and they appreciated his offer.

However, the state said it wanted direct detention.

The conviction continues.