Sep 20, 2021

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‘Pay your bills, I’ve been giving you R65k!’ – Black Coffee slams Enhle

Divorce is a messy, messy animal. The furious argument between Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali on Tuesday proves this – and the drama unfolded on all social media. A dispute over utility bills prompted the superstar DJ to punish his estranged partner, claiming he gave her a lot of money to cover her utilities.

How much money did black coffee give Enhle?

Earlier in the day, Enhle had posted on Instagram that the power had been purposely turned off at her place and she hinted that Black Coffee was to blame. However, the musician got none of it and flew into action online. He claimed to have given the mother of his children a new car, child support payments and R65,000 in handouts:

“I. I took care of all housekeeping expenses. I take care of all children and their school needs. In addition, I have been paying R 65,000 for you and the children since November. After the breakup, I got you a fully paid car on your behalf. “

” I’ve been sending you current extracts since March – which you are familiar with. Yesterday they turned off the lights and you’re here again to create another narrative that was thanks to me. Take care of your bills! “| Black Coffee

DJ’s divorce is playing online

Enhle has yet to answer , but it is clear that Black Coffee is in no mood to leave certain allegations unchallenged. The couple has been throwing mud in public since they agreed to split, and that bad blood isn’t going to clear up anytime soon …

“Exactly as in the event of an attack There is no NDA – never. It hurt so much to see your videos making fun of this situation with the kids that honestly they don’t deserve it. I’ve only paid the electricity bill for the kids this time. Going forward, you’ll be paying your electricity bills – the kids shouldn’t go through this. “