Jun 18, 2021

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Pharmacies, GPs and private hospitals to help 163,000 people a day receive Covid-19 jabs

Business for SA (B4SA) has mobilized private sector resources to vaccinate approximately 163,000 people daily.

This is done in pharmacies, occupational health facilities by employers and in large facilities developed by medical systems were. General Practitioners, Private Hospitals, and Mass Vaccination Centers.

This was announced on Friday when the government opened its vaccination registration portal to people over 60.

Martin Kingston, Chairman of the B4SA Steering Committee, welcomed prioritizing the elderly as they are most at risk of serious illness, hospitalization and death.

“This is a significant step forward. We must try to vaccinate this group as soon as possible and before the third wave and the start of winter. “

The second phase runs at the same time as phase 1, in which the vaccination of around 1.2 million health workers is prioritized. So far, nearly 300,000 health workers have received the sting.

Kingston said the government expects the country to include both public and private vaccination centers In phase 2, between 250,000 and 300,000 people must be vaccinated daily in order to reach the target of 16.6 million in time.

The introduction of the private sector is carried out in close cooperation with and under the direction of the National Department of Health he said.

“Together we are stronger. We will move faster, further and fairer. We must work together as a nation to achieve the goal of vaccinating as many people as possible, as soon as possible, with the aim of having the majority, if not all, of the adult population by the first quarter of next year, if not before. to vaccinate.

“We are confident we can meet our national goal of 40 million vaccinations by February 2022.”

Kingston said B4SA is a healthcare and professional leader with more than 100 high-level volunteers Services.

“We know that we are at the beginning of a massive national effort. As we build and improve this capacity, things will not go smoothly, but we are determined to address all issues quickly and collectively, “he said.

” Our volunteers, both individuals and companies, are not supported by either B4SA paid, nor did their companies get brand awareness for their contributions. B4SA has no budget and does not procure any services. “