May 28, 2022

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Pilot distracted by cellphone missed fuel problem and had to issue Mayday call

If you think it’s dangerous to drive while talking on a cell phone, what about flying?

A Johannesburg pilot found out when he received a cell phone call during pre-flight checks distracted, resulting in an error that resulted in a plane crash Emergency.

The call meant both engines on his Cessna 421C were being fed from the right-hand fuel tank as he flew from Lanseria Airport to Ondangwa Airport in August 2021 in Namibia.

As he climbed to 13,500 feet over Pilanesberg Airport, the pilot noticed that the left wing was steadily descending.

“The pilot declared an emergency by he sent a PAN-PAN call and a mayday call to Lanseria Air Traffic Control,” said a limited Civil Aviation Authority investigation report into serious incidents.

He was ordered to make an emergency landing at Pilanesberg to be performed near Sun City hren, and found that the left fuel tank was still full and the right tank was severely depleted.

The pilot told a CAA investigator that he had been distracted. b y a cell phone call while you go through the preflight checklist.

The report states that the cause of the plane flying with the left wing low was a fuel imbalance. “Pilots should ensure there are no distractions such as active cell phones while operating the aircraft,” it said.

After refueling the correct tank at Pilanesberg, the aircraft continued its journey to Namibia.