Dec 5, 2022

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Pit bull puppies being trained for fighting rescued by SPCA

The SPCA and the City of Cape Town Animal Control Unit have rescued three pit bull terrier puppies that were being trained to fight.

The investigation was prompted by video footage provided to the SPCA showing the Puppies show tempted to attack each other. The animal rescue unit crashed into a property in Parkwood, Cape Town on Thursday.

Jaco Pieterse, Chief Inspector of the SPCA at the Cape of Good Hope, said the video was taken the day before.

” “The footage shows a group of youngsters, some as young as seven, tricking three pit bull terrier puppies into attacking one another. The puppies are estimated to be around four months old,” Pieterse said.

“The puppies were trained to be fighting dogs. When the puppies would not attack each other, they became angered to continue fighting. One pup tried to escape but was unable as he was held tightly on a leash and forced to to defend himself.”

The team obtained a court order and visited the property.

< p>“On the property, inspectors found two puppies seen in video footage.The team immediately impounded the two puppies and two others Dogs within the meaning of the Animal Welfare Act… The entire property was searched and further evidence was collected,” says Pieterse.

“Two more addresses were found to have been attacked by the team. The team confiscated another four dogs. The adult pit bull terrier dogs found had severe old and new scars and wounds related to dog fighting. The dogs were also kept in filthy and parasitic conditions.”

Pieterse said the SPCA would pursue criminal charges.

“Dog fighting is a barbaric sport and has no place in modern society. The rescued dogs are being kept at an undisclosed location for their safety and the safety of our employees.”

He added that a person found guilty of any involvement in dog fighting could face a fine of 80,000 R and/or imprisonment for a period of up to 24 months if he has a criminal record.

” It is a crime to be involved in fighting animals in any way, or to own, to train or breed. It is also illegal to buy, sell or import these animals. In addition, it is an offense to incite/encourage or allow an animal to attack or fight another animal. It is a crime to encourage animal fighting for money or entertainment.

“It is also considered a crime if you allow any of these activities to take place on property that you own and live on or that you control. It is a crime to watch dogfights.”

JP Smith, a member of the Cape Town Mayor’s Committee on Safety, described dogfighting as inhumane.

“More than just a bloodthirsty sport, dogfighting is gruesome Form of inhumane entertainment used by criminal gangs to raise youth in our communities and recruit them into a violent society where death becomes the acceptable norm,” Smith said.

“Something like that Cowardly is not normal human behavior. As communities collapse under the terror generated by such gangs, the city calls on those same communities to take note of those involved in the illegal sport of dogfighting and speak up.”

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