Feb 7, 2023

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PODCAST | Deadly legal rulings and the cases they created

After being denied bail twice, Gerhard Jansen van Vuuren was awarded bail on a third offer in 2013. The court’s decision allowed the man accused of the murder of Andrea Venter to leave the country.

He was arrested again seven years later and is now standing trial for the crime.

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Moehydien Pangaker was paroled despite being a dangerous serial killer for being found guilty of murdering his own son, an infant , found guilty.

Just months after his release, he was charged with the murder of eight-year-old Tazne van Wyk and is now on trial.

Focused on in this week’s Spotlight minisode True Crime SA looks back on these two cases, the unfortunate verdicts that made them possible and the crimes for which the defendants are on trial.


We Also see an update on the murder of Cape Union Mart CEO Renee Jain and one particularly gruesome child Murder in Pinetown.

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