Jun 13, 2021

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PODCAST | Social media predator turns serial murderer

The ongoing trial of a self-confessed serial murderer and rapist in the Eastern Cape has highlighted the dangers of social media.

Xolisa Sojada allegedly lured at least nine young women to his home before allegedly raping six of them, and raping and murdering another three.

This predator did not, however, prowl the streets of Qumbu for his victims. He found them from the comfort of his home on the social media platform Facebook. Using a fake profile, Sojada lulled the women into a false sense of security before sending them money for travel costs to get them in his clutches.

The horrific evidence being led in his trial underpins the importance of knowing the people with whom you are communicating on any social media platform before agreeing to meet in person.

In this minisode, True Crime South Africa discusses this case and the recent murders of Yolandi Botes and Naadira Vanker.

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