Jan 27, 2023

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PODCAST | Tommy Williams: SA’s longest-active serial killer

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In 2008 the partially cremated remains of a disabled young man were found in a field in Roodepan, Kimberley.

When Detective Fernando Luis was assigned the case and realized the Tommy Williams name was tied to it, he knew he would finally be bringing down a serial killer.

Luis was Williams first Mal met four years earlier when he was a suspect in another murder in the Kimberley. The prosecutor in that case had declined to bring Williams to justice, but Luis had never forgotten.

What he couldn’t know at that moment was that the truth behind Williams’ violent past was forthcoming was about to come to light – and soon. When Williams faced a judge, he was considered SA’s longest active serial killer.

In episode 80 of True Crime South Africa we discuss the amazing detective work it took to bring this killer to justice and how he stayed active for so long.

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