Jun 15, 2021

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Police Crime Statistics Latest: Kidnapping spike in KZN

The release of police statistics for the fourth quarter has shown that KwaZulu-Natal is more of a safe haven for criminals than the province’s population.

This was the view of Sharon Hoosen, DA member

“According to the numbers, gender-based violence, kidnapping and murder have increased exponentially, with three of the province’s SAPS stations ranking in the top 30 SAPS stations nationwide for murder and attempted murder,” said Hoosen.

The wards are Plessislaer SAPS, which saw murder cases rise 69.8%, and Inanda and Umlazi SAPS, which saw 63% and 117.9 increases

The abduction figures in the province are also showing a sharp increase, with Umlazi reflecting a staggering 1,133% increase, Inanda a 33% increase and Durban Central a 157% increase.

“Despite the fact that more people are missing in the KZN, there seems to be no intervention on to find the root of the problem. KZN is also reflected 14 times in the top 30 stations in the country with the highest number of cases of warehouse theft, “said Hoosen.

” People in our province have the right to expect some relief, when it comes to crime, especially gender-based crime. However, rape and sexual offenses continue to rise in the province. Inanda and Umlazi SAPS in particular continue to be poorly reflected, with cases increasing by 4.5% and 9.2% respectively. This as the number of incidents continues to grow across the country, “said Hoosen.

Hoosen said” nothing “has been done to tackle the scourge of violence.

” SAPS continues to be understaffed If SAPS vehicles are repaired for more than six months at a time, the training of SAPS employees remains unsolved and detectives are understaffed, understaffed and completely overworked, “she said.

Hoosen added, that the well-documented residues of DNA, which often lead to high arrest rates and low conviction rates, continued to be a challenge along with the slow police response to complaints.

“It is clear that criminals thrive in our province , mainly due to poor implementation of crime-fighting strategies, “said Hoosen.