Nov 28, 2021

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Police on standby to deal with possible unrest in KZN, parliament hears

The police are on standby this weekend to deal with possible unrest in KwaZulu-Natal.

Deputy Police Minister Cassel Mathale informed Parliament on Wednesday that he had received intelligence information about possible looting in the province known and that the government was adequately prepared to respond to these threats.

“We are aware of the possibilities of what could happen because we are working very closely with the intelligence services,” he said.

“We share information with the state [security] agency and defense, and we are pretty sure that we will be able to act should something happen that we were not appropriately to respond to beforehand could react. ” Mathale said.

He added that police officers from different provinces were on standby and if it was necessary to deploy additional police in affected areas, the state would do so.

” Yes, indeed, the response to the previous uprising left much (much to be desired). We could have done more and we learned our lessons from this environment. ”

He responded to a question from IFP chief whip Narend Singh, who asked if the police were able to deal with these Riot this time.

“Given the recent statements made by the Police Commissioner that SAPS was understaffed during the riot and information gathering was a weakness, and given that reports and information are currently circulating, that there are possible threats from looting on Friday and at the weekend in Pietermaritzburg and Durban … will SAPS be ready to deal with such problems, if there are, as reported by the secret service? ”asked Singh.

He said police from various stations in KwaZulu-Natal are holding meetings with community police forums and community organizations to discuss the matter.

Singh did not disclose the origins of the threats.

In response to another F. Asked about the police’s ability to respond to similar riots, Mathale said contingency plans have been established in the areas affected by the violence, the effective flow of crime information has been ensured, and information is communicated daily to all relevant stakeholders.

Mathale said in order to ensure capacity is improved, public order police (POP) officers have been trained in the SAPS Academy and already trained officers have been given refresher courses.

“The July riots made it clear that a sufficient number of POP members are required for crowd management and that measures have been taken to ensure that equipment and vehicles, including armored vehicles, files are maintained and are ready for use when necessary. “

Don’t panic over news of looting on Black Friday: KZN police

The police have the public in between being asked to ignore social media posts that went viral about the possibility of looting during Black Friday.

According to the news, those responsible for the July looting may try to claim Black Friday as a To use an excuse to enter the shops and wreak havoc.

However, the KZN police spokeswoman Brig Jay Naicker said: “Please ignore messages circulating on WhatsApp or social media platforms, the panic generate in the community and encourage people to participate in all forms of crime. If we are aware of any serious threats, we will make an official statement and publish it in this group. “

Community police forum groups informed members to take precautions but not to” overreact to this evil ” . News, hopefully nothing will happen. “

One group said:” We have received unconfirmed news that there will be riots over Black Friday sales this week. This message is not verified and no one took responsibility for composing the message. We don’t believe anything like this will happen. SAPS, Metro, Security Company, and Neighborhood Guard are all on top On alert and on standby should this happen.

“Please don’t panic and please don’t pass or spread any unconfirmed messages. Your neighborhood guard knows what to do and they have it has protected you in the past so please trust that they know what they are doing and will keep you updated if there is something to share. ”