Mar 22, 2023

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POLL | After mass murders, will you continue to visit taverns?

Mass deaths in tavernas in recent weeks have sparked debate about whether it is safe to visit and whether the government should do more to protect the industry.

Four people died and eight died in hospital after a shooting at an inn in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday. Around the same time, 15 people were shot dead and at least nine others injured in a tavern in Soweto.

Twenty-one underage children died in one Incident at a tavern in Scenery Park, East London, last month.

While the motives for the deaths are being investigated, many have shared their fears about tavern visiting and theirs local facility said could be hit next.

Controversial author Jackie Phamotse claimed the killings could be part of an effort be “to sabotage the township economy.”

“Someone is trying to sabotage the township economy by devising explosive schemes that black taverns are unsafe. Forcing the government to revoke licenses as they prepare their own “tavern launch” to control alcohol sales and business. “New” pubs will appear soon,” she claimed.

Others called on the government to do more to protect pubs.

< p>Responding to such suggestions, ANC spokesman Pule Mabe said it is up to the venues and not the national security cluster to ensure the safety of the guests.

“The national security cluster does not secure taverns. The security cluster is not responsible for establishments that sell alcohol in villages and communities. The expectation is that those running the facilities will have to go the extra mile to protect their customers.”

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