Jan 20, 2022

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POLL | Has Janu-worry hit your household?

Do you have any money left in the bank or has Dezemba slapped a little too hard?

This is one of the on-going conversations online as many people get back to work and normal routines after the holidays. < / p>

For some, this means buying new school uniforms, food and stationery.

As the younger ones say, December is not a month in South Africa, but a way of life. This generally means more money is being spent than usual.

This was reflected in images of family reunions, outings, trips, and holidays that flooded social media in December and after the New Year.

Some made fun of their financial situation and said they would count the “365” days to their January payday, while others said they had learned from their past financial mistakes and planned ahead.

This is a safe space, so take our survey below and tell us what your budget is: