Dec 9, 2022

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POLL | Have you ever been surprised by a Sars tax assessment?

It’s almost tax return season again, and with it comes automatic assessments and maybe some surprises.

The South African Revenue Agency (Sars) recently announced that tax return season will start in July for most people who automatically evaluated and notified of the result. If you’re happy, you don’t even need to sign up and “accept”.

“No need to call us, we’ll text you if you’re automatically selected. judged. However, this year we’ve made it a lot easier – if you’re happy with your automatic rating, you don’t have to ‘accept’ the rating.

“If we don’t change your assessment right, you can nevertheless notify us by filing a tax return with the additional information. If you wish to edit your declaration, you can submit your declaration via eFiling or the Sars MobiApp.”

If you accept the results of your automatic assessment and a refund is due to you, Sars paid. A negative amount indicates that you are due a refund. If you owe Sars money, you can make a payment by eFiling, EFT, or the Sars MobiApp by the due date shown on your tax assessment.

Tax assessments were also in the spotlight this week Sars has a tax assessment of R1.5 billion issued against a Centurion family trust.

The tax notice was registered in North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria last month and follows investigations into the Joosab family. The family have previously been accused by Sars of tax evasion and fraud totaling more than R99 million.

The criminal case against the family, which included extortion, fraud, forgery and expression, money laundering and breaches of tax laws, was Delisted September 2018 while Sars was undergoing a cash flow analysis on the issue and the judge would not grant a delay in closing.

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