Sep 30, 2022

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POLL | Is an Afrikaans general knowledge test the best way to tell if you are South African?

The decision by

European low-cost airline Ryanairto get some SA passport holders traveling to and from London to check their Answering an Afrikaans general knowledge quiz in flight sparked a conversation about how best to determine our nationality.

Ryanair said thestep was the Tackling “passport fraud” , but it has been criticized by many in government and civil society.

Questions include:

  • < em>What is Suid Afrika se amptelike Geldeenheid?(What is the official currency of SA?);
  • N< span>oem een ​​​​van Suid Afrika se nasionale vakansiedae? (Name one of South Africa’s national holidays?); and
  • What is the name of the known berggreeks in Kaapstad, what is the glorious climate of the oudste berggreeks in the wêreld?(What is the name the famous mountain range in Cape Town, which some believe is one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world?).

While many admitted to struggling with the questions, others said There have been other ways to tell if a person is South African, from slang to braai recipes.

Comedian Barry Hilton created his own list of questions and many have theirs on social Media shared.


“How many tomatoes are in an All Gold tomato sauce bottle?” What are zoo cookies? Who remembers Melrose? (Oh boy!) What is load shedding? What does SWL mean? Where are you not allowed to touch someone: 1) their jacket 2) their bottom 3) their studio?” wrote Kristia van Heerden.

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