Dec 9, 2021

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POLL | Is your Christmas tree up yet?

When is the right time to put your Christmas tree up?

This is the eternal debate that has already begun as the holiday season approaches.

Shopping malls have the festive Christmas decorations waiting to empty your wallet on Black Friday before it goes into the second round with Christmas specials.

When to put up your Christmas tree and the celebrations begin is a personal decision, but there were several Opinions divided on the matter.

Heart FM says that most people on the 1st of Christmas the Church begins to celebrate the imminent birth of Jesus: the beginning of Advent “.

“Advent is the first ‘Advent Sunday’ or the first of four Sundays that precede the Christmas holiday. This date is usually between November 27th and December 3rd, which means that according to this tradition, any date after November 27th is the right time to put up your Christmas tree and celebrate Christmas. “

This is supported by Tom’s Guide, who says trees should grow 27 days before Christmas and around the first day of Advent: November 28th.

Good housekeeping UK noted t “ in recent years the last weekend of November has become increasingly popular for putting up the Christmas tree.”

The Atlanta Journal points out the American tradition of putting up the Christmas tree on weekends after Thanksgiving (the last Thursday in November) and says anything earlier is just rude.