Jun 13, 2021

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POLL | Load-shedding is here to stay — do you have an alternative?

According to Eskom, the South Africans will have to live with load shedding for a while.

The utility released a statement on Wednesday saying that it will introduce power outages by Sunday.

< p> “Due to the persistent delays in restarting generating units in the Kusile, Tutuka, Duvha, Kendal and Koeberg power plants, level 2 load shedding will be implemented from 10 a.m. today to 10 p.m. on Sunday,” said Eskom.

Results expressed frustration with the ongoing power outages and criticized Eskom for failing to fix the load shedding.

Eskom said the emergency reserves were depleted because they had been used intensively in the past few days to relieve a load to avoid shedding during the day.

“It is therefore necessary to continuously shed loads in order to replenish emergency reserves. The outages currently total 13,752 MW of capacity, while the planned maintenance is 1,273 MW. “

Eskom said the capacity constraints will persist” for the foreseeable future “and urged residents to use electricity wisely use.