Oct 21, 2021

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POLL | Should the DA take down its Phoenix posters because they ‘incite further racial division’?

The election campaign posters of the public prosecutor’s office in Phoenix, Durban, were criticized by many.

The posters read: “The ANC calls you racists, the prosecutor calls you” Heroes. ”

According to the opposition party, the posters were meant to honor those who were committed to

Dean Macpherson, chairman of the DA province, said the posters were being hung across the city and there was no intention of further split the residents.

“The fact is that the ANC has labeled people across the city of Durban as racist. We disagree with this feeling. They were the blue line between absolute anarchy and the sheer lack of law enforcement during the July riots. The citizens of this city were heroes, ”he said.

DA leader John Steenhuisen also defended the posters, saying that those who stood up for themselves“ deserve it “To be called heroes.

Addressing the media, he said the people of Phoenix are heroes because” they did not withdraw or hide like that in the face of danger SA police service and the people of [Minister] Bheki Cele ”. ”.

Steenhuisen also denied that prosecutors used those who lost their lives in Phoenix as political tools.

“The politics started when Bheki Cele, the ANC [former eThekwini Mayor] Zandile Gumede, and the EFF went to Phoenix and started painting an entire community with a brush,” Steenhuisen said. < / p>

“The only people who labeled others as racists are the ANC and the EFF. We say: don’t paint an entire community with the same brush, “he added.

The ANC provincial spokesman, Nhlakanipho Ntombela, accused prosecutors of being opportunistic and none Respect for lives during the riots.

“The wounds are still bleeding after the recent massacre of people in Phoenix. We all must oppose criminals and the massacre of the innocent. Therefore, it is opportunistic for prosecutors to perpetuate crimes and support people accused of murder. ”

He said the ruling party was determined to reunite residents and promote social cohesion. span>

“The ANC will continue its project to build social cohesion through community, government and organizing programs of various ethnic groups across the province “he said.