Jan 31, 2023

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POLL | Was Bheki Cele right to lambaste Action Society’s Ian Cameron?

Police Minister Bheki Cele’s heated tirade following criticism from Action Society’s Ian Cameron has sparked heated debate and dominated the conversation.

The minister lost during a community meeting on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 in Gugulethu, Western Cape, the version of the organization’s community security chiefs took him to task over the police’s alleged failure to combat crime in the area.

The civil society organization was apparently asked by community members to send them to represent at the meeting and to assist in gender-based violence cases in which the police have allegedly failed to investigate and secure convictions.

At the meeting, Cameron told Cele that he had failed to keep the communities safe and invited him to go with the community to see how they are living, to which Cele replied that he “didn’t commit to that yesterday.” Joined the fight for human rights”.

Cele then spent a few minutes defending his fight ID.

“That’s why I was put in jail. That’s why I was sent to Robben Island. That’s why I lived in cold water, that’s why I ate bad food, because I fought for human rights.

“Don’t teach me about human rights. Don’t tell me about the safety of my people. I fought for it, I almost died for it. I was arrested for it, I was exiled for it,” Cele said, telling Cameron not to “provoke” him. out”.

He was escorted out of the venue by police and security guards.

South Africans have participated in the exchange, with some claiming the minister was provoked and justified in his answer. Others said as a minister he should be used to criticism and accountable to the communities.

Some said he let his emotions get the best of him and should apologize or be kicked out.