Sep 25, 2022

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POLL | Would you get a tattoo of a loved one who has died?

Bianca Naidoo’s act in honor of her husband, the late rapper and businessman Riky Rick, has sparked a discussion about getting tattoos on loved ones who have died.

Naidoo took to social media to show off the ink , which she got from Riky’s face

Artist Bryan Graham du Rand shared how honored he was to do the tattoo.

Many People have one tattooed in honor of a loved one, but some cultures and religions discourage it.

Deborah Davidson, a professor of sociology at York University, told Global News, “Memorial tattoos help build bonds to the deceased.”

“Tattoos can be understood as a form of public storytelling. Stories help us make sense and meaning of things that have happened to us.”

If the tattoo is placed in a prominent place, it can have additional meaning.

“People fear their loved ones will be forgotten, not by themselves but by others,” said Davidson.

A study by psychologist Luzelle Naudé of the University of the Free State, on the in Psychology Today found that participants who had loved ones tattoo them did so to keep their memories alive.

The tattoos were also used and sometimes recommended to help cope with grief

One study found that memorial tattoos “play a positive role in the grieving process and serve as a positive therapeutic tool.”

Five fundamental characteristics were identified: “Permanence, a tool to cope with grief, a communicative W tools, lasting attachments and the transformation of the self.”

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