Jan 31, 2023

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POLL | Would you join a mass protest against load-shedding?

The ANC youth league plans to mobilize South Africans for Eskom state, spokeswoman Sizophila Mkhize told TimesLIVE on Thursday.

Mkhize said the government’s failure to resolve the implementation of Level 6 load shedding to act made clear Eskom’s management’s failure to turn the utility around.

Mkhize said CEO Andre de Ruyter was unfit to lead the company and should be replaced, like other CEOs, who failed before him. Government inaction in the face of the electricity crisis lent credence to theories of load shedding as a man-made crisis.

“They are leading us to believe a theory that has always been around, that they want to collapse and destroy Eskom so they can.” can sell it. We don’t want to believe that, but the way they behave leads us to believe that they cause these problems. There is no reason for us to have these problems.”

Mkhize said the Youth League was as frustrated as all South Africans because their contribution had been largely ignored by the ruling party.

“Load shedding throws us back. We’re done talking nice to [the ANC leadership]. We will mobilize young people and if we are suspended from the ANC, so be it. If we are accused of discrediting the ANC, then so be it.”

Mkhize said political parties should put their differences aside to address this issue.

“We do not fight partisan battles. We fight against load shedding. South Africans are deliberately left in the dark by incompetent leadership.”

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