Jan 31, 2023

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Poor signal during stage 6 load-shedding? Telkom explains why

Load-shedding hits and you can’t even reach hotspot or make calls for help from your phone. Telkom explained why.

Eskom introduced level 6 power outages this week after unprotected strikes left some of its units unable to be repaired or serviced.

South Africans, the Those already affected by the outages have expressed dismay that they have no cell phone signal even during load shedding.

Telkom this week told its customers they are experiencing an eroded network signal due to power outages affecting cell towers not allowing enough time to fully charge.

“Power downgrading to Level 6 load shedding significantly impacts network performance. Although most of our locations have backup power, the discharge and recharge cycles do not allow enough time for cell towers to fully charge, resulting in an eroded network experience,” the network provider said.

Some have been understanding for the situation, others criticized the network for being “here and there” in dark times.

Here is a snapshot of some reactions:

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