Jan 25, 2022

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Pop-up vaccination sites at border posts open until the weekend: health department

Vaccination sites introduced at border posts at the beginning of the festive season will remain open until Saturday, the health department said on Monday.

The ministry said it worked with stakeholders, including the presidency, and the Transport department to reach travelers entering and exiting SA for vaccination against Covid-19.

The pop-up sites were opened on December 23rd last year on the Lebombo border between Mpumalanga and Mozambique started. and the Ficksburg border between the Free State and Lesotho.

Travelers do not need to register in advance and are urged to provide verifiable IDs and birth certificates for children aged 12-17. < / p>

“Anyone who lives in the area in which these border posts are located can receive vaccinations, including a booster, provided they present a verifiable identity card, passport or birth certificate, especially for children aged 12 to 17” the department said.

While non-pharmaceutical measures such as hand disinfection and social distancing must be followed, the department reiterated that vaccination is the safest and most effective weapon against the virus.

“Vaccines remain the most effective weapon against serious illness, hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19 infection.

” However, it is also important to continue to p recommend at all times, such as wearing masks, regular hand washing and disinfecting, maintaining social distance and avoiding overcrowded places without adequate ventilation. “