Feb 7, 2023

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Power cable theft in Eldos alarmingly high as blackouts continue

An uncontrolled high rate of cable theft in Eldorado Park leaves City Power officials unable to replace cables and infrastructure at the rate they are stolen.

Residents have Struggling with power outages since Easter weekend.

The Eldorado Park substation exploded in April due to an overload. During days when the power went out, thieves took advantage of the situation to steal cables and power components.

“Providing the community of Eldorado Park with uninterruptible power supply becomes nearly impossible with the rate of cable theft in the area.” Michael Sun, MEC for Environment and Infrastructure in Gauteng, said on Tuesday end an unsustainable situation.

“Lengths of cable torn from the ground by thieves have been repaired with connectors as a temporary measure, but the number of connectors on each line makes the supply unstable,” Sun said.< /p>

“The simple fact is that this infrastructure is not designed to carry high-voltage electricity through cables with so many temporary connections.”

He urged the community to be patient, while Ci ty Power is working to find a long-term solution.

City Power needs to replace 28 km of cable with RES in the short to medium term olve the power situation in the area. It has developed a strategy to rectify any faults encountered in the shortest possible time within the confines of supply chain procedures and processes required by law.

Short term solutions to faulty circuits and components affecting Eldorado Park and Nancefield substations to be completed by June 19.

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