Nov 29, 2022

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Press Council expels SA Jewish Report as member

The SA Jewish Report has been expelled from the SA Press Council (PCSA), effective immediately.

This is the first time the council has expelled a member in 20 years.

< p>The SA Jewish Report was established in 1998 and is aimed at the Jewish community in SA.

In a statement Friday afternoon, PCSA Executive Director Latiefa Mobara said it had refused to publish it Follow the decisions of Acting Press Ombudsman and PCSA Appeals Judge Chairman Bernard Ngoepe.

Press Council Chairman Justice Phillip Levinsohn said the decision was made after lengthy correspondence and after the SA Jewish Report had refused to obey the verdicts it.

“The SA Jewish Report appealed the verdict by asking Ombudsman Johan Retief in the complaint SA BDS Coalition and GIWUSA v SA Jewish Report , but their application for admission of The appeal was dismissed by Judge Ngoepe,” Levinsohn said.

The complaint was filed by Hassen Lorgat of the Palestine Solidarity Alliance on behalf of the SA Boycott Division and Sanction (BDS) Coalition and the General Industrial Workers Union of SA (Giwusa) after a cartoon about the Clover industrial dispute was published on their respective social media pages.

At that time, the Israeli Central Bottling Company was given the green light to acquire Clover.< /span>

On October 22, 2020, Jewish Report published an article entitled < em>Anti-Semitic Clover Caricature Is BDS’ Bitter “Last Gasp”. em>

The BDS Coalition is a movement for organizations in South Africa advocating Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian Territories.

The complaint was that the publication labeled them anti-Semites.

Levinsohn stated that the council had spent time and effort to to correspond with the SA Jewish Report in an attempt to resolve the issue.

They then refused to publish the verdict against them. SA Jewish Report also dropped a second complaint, SA BDS Coalition vs. SA Jewish Report, after Judge Ngoepe lost another motion for leave to appeal.”

This motion was brought by SA BDS following an article published in The Jewish Report on April 15, 2021, headlined: BDS attack on entertainer ‘defamatory and shameful’.< /p>

said Levinsohn : “The SA-Jewish Report then tried to withdraw from the press council instead of publishing the verdicts. You can’t.

“It is a great pity that we had to exclude her, but we cannot condone a member of the Press Council willfully refusing to obey decisions of the Press Ombudsman and the Appeals Chair.

“The Press Council is a voluntary, co-regulatory, public-dominated body that, among other things, [among other things] arbitrates complaints against its members and decides the Press Code.”

He said the Press Code is there to ensure ethical, fair journalism.

“Those who join the PCSA agree to be bound by and publish , decisions of the Press Ombudsman and Press Council Complaints Boards . Parties dissatisfied with the Press Ombudsman’s decisions have the right to appeal to our Appellate Panel, chaired by a respected retired judge, and if they are still dissatisfied they can submit the process to judicial review.

” What our member publications cannot do is simply refuse to publish judgments against them. Member compliance is essential. The rejection undermines the Press Council and is unfair to the complainants.”

The SA-Jewish Report told TimesLIVE that it withdrew from the Press Council six months ago.

“We Withdrew our membership from the SA Press Council six months ago after realizing that the Press Council lacked the skills to carry out its work competently, fairly and without prejudice,” said SA Jewish Report Chairman Howard Sackstein.

< p>The publication states: “A dispute arose when the SA Jewish Report reported on the opinion of two internationally recognized experts on racist anti-Semitism, who labeled a particular cartoon as an anti-Semite.

“The cartoon featured a fat, greedy Jew shoving money around in his mouth, almost identical to the traditional racist anti-Semitic tropes used by the Nazis. The acting press ombudsman overruled the opinions of these international experts without even convening a hearing on the matter. In addition, the Press Council denied the SA-Jewish Report the right to appeal or to have the matter decided fully before a competent authority.

“By failing to recognize the racist overtones of the cartoon, the Press Council Party for the Perpetuation of Racism, Hatred and Bigotry in SA. By asking the SA Jewish Report to apologize to racists, the Press Council has discredited itself and failed the people of SA.”

The publication said it informed the council that it he was “embarrassed” to be associated with it.

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