Jan 31, 2023

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PSA to embark on indefinite strike at Sars against ‘paltry’ 1.39% salary offer

The Public Servants Association (PSA) says its SA Revenue Service (Sars) members will continue an indefinite nationwide strike action Tuesday.

The PSA said this happened after the parties failed to Wage negotiations have stalled and union members rejected the employer’s offer of a 1.39% pay rise.

In May, the PSA – representing more than 5,400 Sars workers – launched a midday picket followed by Demonstrations across the country on May 25 and 26.

Then the strike was temporarily suspended to allow members to digest Sars’ offer and the employer to further examine the revised offer.

” Those employees, who have raised an additional R17 billion in revenue, will be “rewarded” with (a) paltry 1.39% raise offer. Eskom employees received a 7% pay rise even as the country experienced some of the worst load shedding in recent history,” PSA said in a statement Monday would have received retrospective salary 3% increase.

“It is inconceivable that the country relies on Sars for revenue but refuses to pay these employees for their good work and offers a negligible salary increase” , the union said.

It called on Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana to urgently allocate additional funds to the Sars budget to allow for a pay rise representative of employee performance over the past fiscal year.

” The current offering of SARS amounts to a declaration of war by the employer, and workers will have no choice but to retaliate when the front lines are drawn n.”

Now the union represents more than 235,000 Citizen-Sector employees, officials said officials rejected the employer’s latest offer of a 2% pay rise.

The offer was said to be dated Employers during a special meeting of the Collective Bargaining Council for the Coordination of Public Services last Thursday.

“The PSA considers the offer offensive to employees who have not received a real pay rise in the past three years.”< /p>

The union said the price of petrol has reached record levels, which is affecting the cost of living.

“Inflation and interest rates have also risen in recent months. The offer does not correspond to reality. It was the norm to invoke poverty when it came to public sector workers, but more open to government agencies that need to end.”

PSA said it could no longer work with employers , who show no respect for their employees and do not provide reasonable salary offers.

“The 2% offered is not even worth taking from members who clearly mandated the PSA, a real raise and all negotiating below the CPI cannot be considered an increase.”

The PSA called on Godongwana to intervene and ensure that concrete offers are made to prevent disgruntled employees from taking incapacitated industrial action.