Jan 27, 2023

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Reapplied for the R350 grant? Here’s when you could get your money

Payments for the new cycle of the Social Emergency Assistance (SRD) Grant of R350 will be made to beneficiaries who have reapplied from mid-June.

< span>The SA Social Security Administration (Sassa) said the new cycle will start from April after the subsidy was moved to the Social Assistance Act after the end of the national state of disaster.

Sassa said it had not yet paid the beneficiaries for April and May.

“Sassa will continue to settle outstanding payments from the previous cycle once bank details are confirmed,” the agency said.< /span>

The payments are not made together, but month by month.

“There can be more than one payment in a month made, but no one receives double payments.

“Sassa will make these multiple payments in a month until the backlog is closed i st, after which monthly payments will resume. ”

How are applicants verified?

The Minister for Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, said last month that data and digital infrastructure is being used to process claims and verifications.

“Our system for verifying that people are making this money is in place, hence we encourage you to reapply.

“We are also working with the Ministry of Economic Development and Small and Medium Enterprises because We believe that the next big thing, on We need to focus on strengthening informal, small and medium-sized enterprises.”

Where can I collect my scholarship?

At the SA Post Office (Sapo) When you are no longer paying out SRD grants, you can collect your grant from Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers or USAve stores.< /span>< /p>

Sapo and Sassa advised beneficiaries to select this payment option in their grant applications.

Those who chose to return their funds from Sapo branches, are requested to visit www.srd. sassa.gov.zaand select an option to collect the grant from one of the supermarkets.

“Customers who have uncollected grants at der Sapo/ Die Postbank can raise money at any branch,” said Sassa.

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