Dec 7, 2022

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Rescuers hope to find missing boy’s body at sewer split chamber

A search for six-year-old Khayalethu Magadla entered its third day on Wednesday as officials probed a fissure sewer chamber in Klipspruit that could be the last hope for rescuers of finding the little boy.

Khayalethu fell on crashed into an open manhole while playing with friends at a popular park on Mtambo Street in Dlamini, Soweto on Sunday and has been missing since.

Although the chances of finding him alive were slim, police said divers , rescuers, medics, and township employees have worked hard to find him.

The chamber near the Avalon Cemetery is the central point to which all sewage and debris flow. There, officials hoped they would make progress.

Johannesburg Water officials used a jet vacuum to suck up debris and pick up large objects. A drone was used to survey land on a nearby river.

Robert Mulaudzi, spokesman for the Johannesburg Ambulance Service, said the area may be the last place the boy’s body could be recovered .

“Before the water enters the facility, there is a mesh that sifts through all the debris and debris that sucks it out. If we can’t find him here in the chamber, we’ll go to the net,” he said.

“Because all the sewage goes here, this is where our best chance at recovering his body is.”

Malaudzi said that in the event that Khayalethu’s body was not recovered, teams would have to return to the drawing board and revisit all previously searched locations, including where he fell.

” The promise that we would find the boy’s body fulfilled. If we have to, we will revisit all the other shafts.”

Back at the Eco Park on Dlamini Street, about 10km away from where Khayalethu fell, residents have been camping and monitoring the children who shafts stayed open.

Children under the age of 12 were turned away by concerned residents who said they no longer felt comfortable with children playing there.