Oct 19, 2021

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Rise in child Covid-19 infections ‘a reflection of what is happening in communities’

With Covid-19 cases increasing in the middle of a third wave in the country, experts believe it is not surprising that more and more younger people are becoming infected with the virus.

Prof Haroon Saloojee from the Wits University Pediatrics and Child Health said the transmission to children was a reflection of what was happening in the community.

“In both previous waves, infections in children increased as infections increased in adults (and during the Schools were closed). It is important to understand that infections in school-age children (students) do not mean that the children acquired the infection in school.

“Most children get their infection from adults and inside and outside the school. especially at get-togethers, parties, or after-school activities; or at family or community events. The school environment itself is a minor contributor to children getting Covid-19, “Salojee told TimesLIVE.

Salojee said evidence suggests that school transmission is limited and infection rates are limited these reflect the surrounding community.

“Existing and known infection prevention strategies must continue to be enforced, including the use of face masks, physical distancing (extra space between desks) and regular hand disinfection.

“If possible, learners should stay with the same teacher and the same classmates. Symptomatic children and school staff must stay at home, ”he said.

The CEO of Higher Health, Dr. Ramneek Ahluwalia, believes that young people, because they are mostly or mostly asymptomatic, are the biggest carriers of Covid-19.

“They carry this virus from one person to another and give the virus its energy to get from one human body to another. Whether you talk to children in school or adults at universities or colleges, youth will always be the main carrier of this virus.

“Viruses love youth because it allows them to move from a body on the other hand. I think that youth is very central and a very important element in every outbreak, every wave of a pandemic related to Covid-19. “

On Wednesday the National Institute for Communicable Diseases ( NICD.)) Said, SA had registered more than 13,000 new Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours,

said in its latest statistics the NICD stated that 13,246 new cases were registered with a positivity rate of 21.7%. With 7,859 infections registered there, Gauteng was once again at the forefront of the growing number of cases.

According to theworldometers.info website, SA last recorded more than 13,000 cases in a single case The day was on January 16, when 13,973 new infections were registered.